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6. Jim Cornette & Eric Bischoff Bond Over Mutual Hate Towards Vince Russo, Concept Of Wrestling Changing From Depicting A Realistic Fight To Performing Athletic Moves

On a recent episode of Table For 3 on the WWE Network, Eric Bischoff, Michael Hayes and Jim Cornette discussed the concept of wrestling changing nowadays, both Cornette & Bischoff hating on Vince Russo & more. Below are the highlights:

Jim Cornette on him and Eric Bischoff bonding over mutual hate towards Vince Russo:

“I just want to say for the record that we have bonded over something right before we sat down at the table. Bischoff hates Vince Russo almost as bad as I do, so this is historic. The reason why we just have butterknives at the table is because they were afraid, but, actually, when I heard that Bischoff didn’t like the Archbishop of Talentbury also, I started to see Bischoff in a new light.”

Jim Cornette on concept of wrestling changing from depicting a realistic fight to performing athletic moves:

“The concept has changed from the most important thing being presenting a believable simulated conflict that the people can buy as a fight to a performance of awe-inspiring, athletic moves. And I think the problem is they think they’re going to do the moves and that’s going to get them over and they’ve put the cart before the horse.

Now, it’s hard for anybody to really work up a good dislike for a heel or hero-worship and idolatry for the babyface.”

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