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8. YouTuber Rips Dolph Ziggler In A Video, Calls Him A F***boy & Says Dolph Is Going To Retire Soon

Trisha Paytas, who is a YouTuber with 2.7 million subscribers, ripped SmackDown Live Superstar Dolph Ziggler apart in a recent video of hers. The reason behind her anger was that Ziggler approached her for a meeting as he was in town. Trisha then cancelled her plans to meet Ziggler, but then Ziggler cancelled their meeting.

You can watch the video below:

Trisha then went on to take shots at Professional Wrestling as well and said that Ziggler is leaving wrestling soon:

“I don’t know what it is about wrestlers, they have these big f*****g heads. Wrestling’s f*****g fake, but all the fans of this wrestling fake bulls*** think it’s real and think he’s a god, and he starts thinking this s*** too. That’s what these wrestlers do.

As far as guys that I was into and like and think are good people, this guy was at the top of the list. This guy was polite and respectful. He talked to me, checked in with me. He was so f*****g sweet. Let this be a lesson to all men. If this guy f*****g Dolph Ziggler, who is traditionally good looking, has a good job… even he’s not worth it, girls. Don’t let f*****g someone disrespect your f*****g time and it’s bulls***. He is not that hot. Honestly, I can’t remember the $*x so it must have not been that good, I was drunk as f***.

For all of you wrestling fans, wrestling is f*****g fake. This man is a 37-year-old man and not a God who is f*****g leaving wrestling soon anyways.”

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