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“This is definitely taking advantage of Jeff’s kindness” – Matt Hardy On Recent Airport Incident

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A lot of incidents of fans giving wrestlers a hard time at airports and other public places have come to light in recent memory.

In April, a video of a fan making Alexa Bliss sign 9 WWE Funko Pop figures, so he could sell it online and make some money, went viral.

You can watch it below:

Alexa tweeted the following about this:

“We’re used to it unfortunately – & these people really think we don’t know they sell it & get super offended if we say ‘no thank you’. Ohhh the stories I could tell about being followed.”

When a fan suggested that Alexa should only sign one item per person, she replied:

“I’ve tried that one – they get back in line like I wouldn’t remember them hahah … or they just keep following until you sign the rest.”

A similar incident happened with current AEW star Jeff Hardy recently, only this time Jeff signed 20 autographs!

You can watch it below:

Matt Hardy saw this video and tweeted the following:

“Jeff doesn’t actively look at anything on Twitter unless he has something to post, so I’m gonna address this.

This is definitely taking advantage of Jeff’s kindness. If you see a wrestler in an airport & ask for an autograph or 2, that’s acceptable. This isn’t. Not appropriate or cool.”

Speaking of Jeff Hardy, he completed rehab and returned to All Elite Wrestling on the April 12th episode of Dynamite. He’s back to teaming up with his brother.

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