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TNA Legend Thrilled About Hulk Hogan Being Back With WWE

Hulk Hogan

• Old School Tag Team Wrestler Celebrates His Birthday

Old School Tag Team Wrestling Veteran Headhunter A (Real name: Manuel Santiago) celebrates his 50th birthday.

Together with his real life brother Headhunter B (Victor Santiago) they teamed up all over the globe, wrestling for promotions like W*ING, CMLL, AAA, IWA Japan, FMW, … and Paul Heyman’s ECW Extreme Championship Wrestling, including Tod Gordon’s Eastern Championship Wrestling (before the name change).

Their biggest claim to fame though, was their World Wrestling Federation debut, when they entered the 1996 Royal Rumble match as “The Squat Team” consisting of Squat Teamer 1 & 2.


• TNA Legend Thrilled About Hulk Hogan Being Back With WWE

During a recent interview with Wresting Epicenter, TNA/Impact Wrestling Legend Abyss talked about Hulk Hogan being reinstated into the WWE Hall of Fame and the Hulkster being back with WWE in general.

Below is what Abyss said:

“I’m thrilled about it. I’m so happy for him. I know how much it means for him to be back in the Hall of Fame. I got to know him really, really well when Hulk was working for Impact Wrestling. We became close, we became friends. We still talk. A lot of the things that happened were unfortunate.

A lot of the things that happened were not good. I think he was truly apologetic. I think he truly feels sorry about it. I think he’s taken his rightful place back in the WWE Hall of Fame and back in wrestling history. I think that means more to him than anything in the world.”

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