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“To me, the absolute, very, very best. Probably ever” – RAW Heel Star On Randy Orton

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Below are a couple of top WWE news stories of the day, featuring Cody Rhodes, Roman Reigns & Randy Orton.

• During an interview with SK Wrestling, Ludwig Kaiser was asked which future WWE Hall of Famers he’d like to wrestle.

Here’s what the Imperium member said:

“Looking back at the King of the Ring, Randy Orton, against ‘The Ring General’ Gunther, moments like this really shows you it’s so special to be a part of this right now. Whether you’re a fan or actively in the ring, it is just such a special time right now. People in decades from now are gonna look back to this era and gonna say, ‘Wow, what happened back there?’ Everybody was so lucky to be part of this, and that’s exactly how I feel about it.

Somebody like Randy Orton definitely, to me, would be somebody that would be so special to me. To me, the absolute, very, very best. Probably ever. Such a legend to me, and definitely always somebody I looked up to, even when I was a teenager. I always knew I wanted to do this, so definitely always somebody I was looking forward to meet eventually and get to see and actually learn from, and all of those things.

But obviously, right now, my focus is on another legend, that is Sheamus. Absolutely legendary career, absolutely legendary WWE Superstar. But it is my turn right now exactly to knock on the door of those legends and show that I’m here and show that there is a reason that I’m here. Yeah, that this is just the beginning, so all the legends on the entire WWE roster, they will have to look out for Ludwig Kaiser because he’s coming.”

• During an interview with WHAS 11, Undisputed WWE Champion Cody Rhodes talked about the difference in his title reign and Roman Reigns’ iconic 1,316-day reign as champion.

The American Nightmare said he was the champion even when Roman had the belt:

“I think one of the things I really love is the fact that I am able to go city to city. Whereas the WWE Champion prior to myself, the man I defeated, Roman Reigns, The Tribal Chief, was not on every city. He wasn’t making it to every show.

And I’ve had the opportunity to be able to bring it, and for a year, I felt like I was the champion without the belt. I was everywhere, promising them, ‘Hey, I’m gonna bring you the WWE Championship’.

It feels good when you can fulfill your promise and go back to these places and bring this title.”

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