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Tony Khan Confirms AEW Star Is Leaving

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During the AEW Worlds End post-show media scrum, Tony Khan confirmed the reports of Andrade El Idolo leaving All Elite Wrestling.

Here’s what he said:

“He’s been a huge performer in the Continental Classic week after week. I talked about this great run Collision’s been on. Andrade has been a huge part of it. Also wrestled on the other shows and the Blue League of the Continental Classic. He’s outstanding.

I wanted to keep him involved at the top, and if we had been able to reach an agreement, certainly, he would be somebody we would slot in a prominent position.

I think we did everything we could to show Andrade. We really do value him. And I think this last run he’s had in recent months has been tremendous. And if this is going to be the way he’s going to leave AEW, talk about leaving on a high note because he had a great match with Miro tonight, something that I think people have wanted to see for a long time.

Miro had said he was going to respect the Continental Classic, in part because I demanded it. I wasn’t going to let him, you know, affect the wrestling and have outside interference because there were no personal grudges.

There was not supposed to be anybody interfering. It was just great wrestling. I thought Andrade’s matches… week after week were tremendous.

In the Continental Classic, we also talked to CMLL and said I would love to set that up because Andrade had a great history there. La Sombra has a great history in Mexico. I am a big fan of his, and I thought that was something very nice we were able to put together.

I don’t know exactly what the future will be, but I do know that Andrade is a great wrestler. I appreciated him coming and having such a great match tonight, and if that was his last match in AEW again, he left on a very high note over these recent months with the Continental Classic, the great matches he’s had really since the beginning of the Collision week in, week out and the great match tonight, certainly with Miro.”

Andrade lost to Miro (Rusev) at Worlds End, after his manager CJ Perry (Lana) screwed him.

He is now expected to return to WWE.

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