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Tony Khan Is Confident About Re-Signing AEW Star Despite Interest From WWE

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Below are some top news stories of the day, involving Tony Khan and SummerSlam.

• The wrestling world is gearing up for a bidding war as Penta El Zero Miedo’s contract with AEW is set to expire between August and September 2024. This impending free agency has sparked interest from WWE, setting the stage for a high-stakes competition between the two promotions.

Penta El Zero Miedo, known for his dynamic in-ring style, has an impressive resume. He has competed in numerous promotions, including AAA, MLW, TNA Impact, CMLL, and Lucha Underground. His accolades include a one TNA World Championship and two Lucha Underground Championships.

According to Lucha Libre Online, WWE is keenly interested in acquiring Penta’s talents once his AEW contract ends. This report aligns with recent insights from the Wrestling Observer.

The Observer highlighted a past issue where Penta was barred from shows featuring CMLL talent due to his affiliation with AAA. However, it appears this situation has been resolved, particularly in light of the upcoming Forbidden Door event:

“Tony Khan indicated he was confident Penta would stay with the promotion. Others have said Penta was looking at buying the rights to his name to make sure he could take the gimmick to WWE if necessary.”

Despite Khan’s confidence, there are indications that Penta might be exploring his options. The Observer added that the prevailing belief is that Penta is keen on testing the free-agent market to weigh his opportunities.

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• In the world of professional wrestling, injuries are an ever-present risk, impacting stars regardless of their status or in-ring style. WWE’s Rhea Ripley, once atop the card, is now sidelined due to a significant injury.

Ripley had to vacate her Women’s World Championship in April after sustaining a shoulder injury during a backstage brawl with Liv Morgan on the April 8th episode of RAW. Initially, Ripley was expected to be out of action for at least four months, with plans for her to resume her feud with Morgan upon her return.

According to the Wrestling Observer, Ripley is currently undergoing rehabilitation for her shoulder rather than opting for surgery. However, this approach might extend her absence beyond the originally anticipated timeline:

“Right now she’s not scheduled back for SummerSlam. But we were also told if she heals up faster than expected or if the storyline changes to where they need her for an appearance, it’s still possible. If rehab can’t mend the shoulder enough, she could need surgery.”

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