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Top 5 Matches For WrestleMania 34 Leaked, Former WWE Star Thinks Wrestling Is About To Enter An Unbelievably Good Era

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Former WWE Star Thinks Wrestling Is About To Enter An Unbelievably Good Era, Recalls Dusty Rhodes’ Last Stand

During a recent interview with Buffalo News, former WWE Superstar and current ROH World Champion Cody Rhodes said that he thinks Wrestling is about to enter an unbelievably good era:

“It’s definitely the road less traveled that I’m on, but there more people navigating it like I am. I could be totally wrong, but I feel a lot like I did in 1996 and ’97 as a fan, when my family’s business was getting ready to be the coolest thing. The next thing I know, I went from being the only wrestling fan in my class to having Nitro parties and the Monday Night War.

I feel like we’re on the cusp of entering a really, unbelievably good era for our industry fans and competitors alike. Financially of course, but for fans, there’s variety. You can go onto New Japan World and there’s English commentary primed and ready. The Fite app is primed and ready for Ring of Honor. The WWE Network is primed and ready. It’s whatever you choose.”

Cody also talked about his Battleground 2013 match (where him & Goldust, with their dad Dusty Rhodes at ringside, defeated The Shield) and said that his family sees that as Dusty’s last stand:

“Going into it, I felt completely different than when I was coming out of it. There was a lot of high stress at the time. It was almost uncomfortable, because I was working really hard to garner my own spotlight and getting away from the family.

But then, obviously, it became a magical moment. It’s a great learning experience when you’re busting it for 20 minutes, and then my dad just does the elbow. That was the thing that got the people to stand up for the remainder of the match. Grab an apple, because you’re going to school. It was really special, and looking back on it, it’s a tremendous memory.

Our family looks at it as Dusty’s last stand. He could barely get up the steps, but on that night, it didn’t matter. There are so many great things about Buffalo, but honestly, that one will always jump to number one.”

Top 5 Matches For WrestleMania 34 Leaked

According to the Dirty Sheets podcast, below are the top 5 matches that are currently planned for next year’s WrestleMania 34:

Universal Championship Match: Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Roman Reigns

WWE Championship Match: Jinder Mahal (c) vs. John Cena

SmackDown Women’s Championship Match: Charlotte Flair (c) vs. Ronda Rousey

Triple H vs. Kevin Owens

AJ Styles vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

It should be noted that plans for these matches could change as WrestleMania is still 5 months away and injuries can happen anytime.

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