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Top AEW Star Says All AEW Stars Should Work For Vince McMahon For 6 Months

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During an interview with Chris Van Vliet, Chris Jericho talked about working with Vince McMahon and the current AEW roster.

Below are the highlights:

Vince McMahon no longer running the creative department in WWE:

“I mean, once again, there’s the reasons why he was stepping aside, and I’m not talking about that side of things. I never thought he would step down; I think, had those other issues not come up here, there’s no way that he would have.

But also, Vince is smart. And I bet you he was like, ‘Okay, I’m at the point now where this is not good for me to be here.’ So, he trained and groomed Triple H for 20 years, and probably felt confident enough that things are gonna continue without him.”

Thinking that everyone in AEW should work for Vince McMahon for 6 months:

“I say this all the time in AEW, I think everybody could use 6 months working for Vince McMahon. Because that’s when you really understand what wrestling is, the wrestling business, and how the business works. I loved working for him and I loved going head-to-head with him and creating ideas and debating ideas and arguing ideas.

But he always used to say, ‘I’m not here just to teach you wrestling lessons, I’m here to teach you life lessons.’ He did teach me a lot of life lessons, the guy’s a really f**king cool guy.

You know, from my experiences with him and he’s not easy to deal with, an a**hole sometimes, but he’s your boss. You’re not supposed to be friends with your boss all the time. But then you can still get on the private jet and drink for 4 hours.”

Consequences of saying ‘no’ to things in WWE and how AEW stars need to learn from that:

“There’s a way that the WWE works where you don’t say no to anything. I mean, they asked you to do press you do it, they ask you to sign 1,000 action figures you do it because if you don’t, you know there’s gonna be consequences and big ones.

And that’s just kind of I think everybody in AEW needs to understand that sometimes.”

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