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Top Dolla’s Infamous Botch Saved His Life

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Top Dolla, who was recently released from WWE, shared how a botched move during a match on the December 16th 2022 episode of SmackDown turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

Attempting a leaping plancha, Top Dolla badly botched the move, leading to ridicule from fans and WWE commentator Michael Cole.

However, on the one-year anniversary of the incident, Top Dolla revealed that the botched dive prompted him to see a doctor. The examination resulted in the discovery that he had Type II diabetes, with a dangerously high blood sugar level of 626.

The botch, in an unexpected turn, saved his life by leading to a medical examination that potentially prevented severe health issues, including the risk of losing his life and both legs.

Here’s what Top Dolla tweeted:

“The botch saved my life. I made that dive a dozen times before, legs felt off but I didn’t think about it. After I failed I went to the doc & found out I had Type II diabetes & my blood sugar was 626.

I almost lost my life & was about to lose both feet. The botch saved my life.”

You can watch this botch below:

Top Dolla recently revealed that Michael Cole constantly making fun of him on commentary for this botch was supposed to lead to a match between them. He posted the following:

“Wait until you idiots realize me and Michael was working together and y’all was too dense to catch on. Michael Cole is a real one.

Me and Cole wanted a match at a PLE. We even had it planned out. I throw him around for 5 minutes, I get cocky and get distracted by (insert any wrestler here) & he beats me with a small package.”

One proposed scenario for the match involved Top Dolla being distracted by Cole’s former broadcast colleague, Pat McAfee, known for his sporadic appearances in WWE.

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