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6. Drew McIntyre’s NXT Character Already Ruined!

What a story it was, when WWE hired Drew McIntyre (former TNA World Champion Drew Galloway) back to wrestle and appear exclusively on their NXT Brand. The last former WWF/E Main Roster Superstar who joined the NXT Roster on a full time basis was Old School Veteran Rhyno in early 2015. Drew however used to be one of the biggest talents of the ‘WWE Youth Movement’, whom every wrestling expert predicted a bright future for, when he joined the WWE Friday Night SmackDown! roster in late 2009.

Back then McIntyre received the nickname “The Chosen One” by non other than Vince McMahon himself, which was mentioned on commentary whenever he wrestled.

Being also dubbed a “future world champion” it’s needless to say, that there were some high hopes for the upcoming UK talent.

His biggest accomplishments during his WWE run were winning the Intercontinental Championship as well as the Tag Team Championship, before he was turned into a complete Comedy Character by joining 3MB. Like most of the times when a Wrestler becomes a comedy character, it went all downhill from there.

In the summer of 2014, Drew was fired from WWE and went on to wrestle independent again. The good thing about that was that he got his muscles back, which he had completely lost during his 3MB days, probably because of the strict WWE wellness policy.

In 2016 Drew became the TNA World Heavyweight Champion by defeating Old School WWF Veteran Matt Hardy, but lost the belt to former WWE Superstar Bobby Lashley just a couple months later, and left TNA iMPACT Wrestling in February of 2017 which resulted in WWE signing him back to join the NXT roster.

So far so good, right?

But we didn’t tell you yet, is that his AWESOME entrance theme song was part of his WWE Character during his first full time run as “The Chosen One”, before he became a joke in 3MB.

Here’s the theme song, so you guys know exactly what we’re talking about:

Now when you want someone like him to be the #1 Superstar in NXT, who leads the young up and coming talents, one would think, they would have him return with the very same entrance theme that played a huge part in getting him over in the first place.


As 9 times out of 10 these days, WWE does ruin everything!!

To the great displeasure of pretty much every single Fan who remembered McIntyre’s ‘Chosen One’ character, Drew returned with a random generic entrance theme song that nobody cared about, thus the hype about his “Former WWE Superstar joins the NXT roster” character was literally ruined a few seconds before he even came out and returned, once the theme song started playing.

Well done WWE … NOT !!!

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