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5. “You just married well and you’re a pu$$y” – Alberto Del Rio To Triple H, Accuses WWE Of Being Racist

Former WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio is back at taking shots at Triple H & WWE again. Paige posted periscope videos of Del Rio being drunk and taking shots at Triple H & WWE on Twitter.

In the first video (which you can watch below), Del Rio claimed that WWE judges talent by the color of their skin, but Impact Wrestling doesn’t do that (where he’s currently employed). Del Rio then took a shot at WWE’s Anti-Bullying campaign “Be A Star” by saying the following:

“You have to preach by example. If you’re going to push an anti-bullying campaign, you have to stop bullying people! If you want to promote a no hate campaign, you need to stop doing what you’re doing and judging people by the color of their skin!”

You can watch it below:

In the second video, Del Rio took shots at Triple H and said the following:

“Triple H, you’re a f*cking pu$$y! I don’t have to be drunk to say this, you’re a pu$$y! You just married well, that’s all you did. You married well, and you’re a pu$$y!”

You can watch it below:

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