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7. Triple H, Jim Ross & Scott Hall Recall The “Plane Ride From Hell”

During a recent edition of “Beyond The Ring” on the WWE Network, Triple H, Jim Ross & Scott Hall recalled the “Plane Ride From Hell” from May 2002. Below is what all three of them had to say about the infamous incident:

Triple H: “I remember distinctly Michael Hayes being very upset at the fact that his ponytail was gone. I remember Sean Waltman thinking it was extremely funny because he was the one that had cut it off. I remember Scott being involved in that. It was out of control and control was right around the corner.”

Jim Ross: “It was a bunch of guys making a lot of money, and a few millionaires on the flight, they were acting like they were on a ninth grade field trip to the zoo. We had a full bar just like you would have on any flight, except they weren’t paying for it.” Ross recalled, “I remember doing RAW after this ‘plane ride from hell’ and I had to call Hall at home and let him go.”

Scott Hall: “I took pills to sleep on a plane. Yeah, some bad things happened. That whole trip was just kind of a blur of pills and booze. I was so unhappy, I said, ‘cool, effective immediately?’ and they said, ‘well, if that’s what you want.’ I said, ‘well, you’re the one calling me.’ It wasn’t fun, so the money starts to mean less. It’s like, ‘I can be miserable at home. I don’t need to be on the road and be miserable.’ That’s the way it ended.”

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