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Top WWE News Stories Of The Hour – Rumor Killer On The Arrival Of A New Undertaker, Another WWE Star Not Injured On Raw – Part 6

3. Another WWE Star Not Injured On Raw

On this week’s episode of Raw, former Raw Women’s Champion “The Queen” Charlotte Flair faced Nia Jax. This match got a lot of negative response from the fans online as Nia botched twice in this match.

The first botch came when Nia hit a shoulder-breaker on Charlotte and then dropped her on her head.

Nia looked very concerned after this as she knew she might have hurt Charlotte badly. The referee immediately checked on Charlotte and the match continued.

The second botch came when Nia failed to catch Charlotte after “The Queen” hit a moonsault from the top rope to the outside. You can watch these below:

Good news is that Charlotte wasn’t hurt and is doing fine. Speaking of Charlotte Flair, she’s now a part of SmackDown Live.

Speaking of injuries, Finn Balor was injured on this week’s Raw. He suffered a concussion during his match with Jinder Mahal.

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