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Top WWE Official, Who Was Listed In The Janel Grant Lawsuit, Has Resigned

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In a surprising move that has raised eyebrows within the wrestling community, Brad Blum, WWE’s Chief Operating Officer, is exiting the company. Multiple sources have confirmed this development to PWInsider, indicating that Blum has tendered his resignation. While the exact date of his departure remains undisclosed, it is expected to be imminent.

Blum’s departure is particularly intriguing given his longstanding association with WWE’s chairman, Vince McMahon. He initially joined WWE in 2006 and served as McMahon’s Chief of Staff during McMahon’s tenure as the company’s primary decision-maker.

However, Blum’s journey with WWE has been marked by several departures and returns. He originally left WWE following McMahon’s initial “retirement” amidst controversies surrounding the Wall Street Journal reports and the subsequent Janel Grant lawsuit. Nonetheless, Blum swiftly returned when McMahon resumed his position and orchestrated WWE’s sale to Endeavor.

Throughout his time with WWE, Blum has been closely linked with McMahon, earning a reputation as a “McMahon Guy”. Speculation has arisen regarding the timing of his exit, with some suggesting it may coincide with McMahon’s potential launch of a new professional venture.

According to WWE’s Corporate Bio for Blum, he reported to WWE President Nick Khan and oversaw various crucial departments, including Corporate Strategy, Marketing, Corporate Communications, Creative Services, IT & Technology, Insights & Analytics, Real Estate & Facilities, and Corporate Travel. Blum’s strategic acumen and operational leadership have been credited with driving continuous record growth for WWE.

Brad Blum WWE COO Chief Operating Officer

Blum’s involvement in WWE’s corporate affairs gained public attention during the Janel Grant lawsuit, where he was initially listed as an unidentified Corporate Officer before being publicly identified later on.

Brad Blum was considered one of the three most powerful officers in the company, Triple H and Nick Khan being the other two.

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