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Tragic Reason For Pat McAfee Missing RAW Revealed

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Pat McAfee, a familiar voice on Monday Night RAW since his return at the Royal Rumble, was noticeably absent from this week’s episode, sparking curiosity among fans. Working alongside Michael Cole on the commentary team, McAfee’s sudden disappearance led to various speculations.

During the June 24th edition of Monday Night RAW, viewers were quick to note McAfee’s absence. Addressing the situation, Michael Cole urged fans not to read too much into it.

PWTorch revealed that McAfee missed the show due to a legitimate last-minute family emergency.

It’s believed that McAfee was initially meant to receive a package from Nikki Cross during the broadcast, a duty that ultimately fell to Cole. The package was explicitly addressed to McAfee, adding a layer of intrigue to the situation.

In an update, McAfee has now revealed that he missed RAW because his father-in-law passed away.

Here’s what he said on his show:

“My father-in-law passed away unexpectedly after the show ended yesterday in a hospital here in Indianapolis, Indiana. He had been in the hospital fighting an infection and on Friday we were told he was probably gonna be discharged on Sunday and they had figured it out.

We had high hopes and then yesterday as the show was ending, my wife calls me and I have to get to the hospital because there was an emergency.

I head over there, what my wife and her mom and her aunt saw go on was, her dad, being a bada$$ and trying to kick a$$ and losing his fight in this particular day, whenever something blindsides an entire family, it can be devastating.

My wife is a daddy’s girl. Last night was obviously a difficult night for our family and it was a nice reminder, thankfully my wife and her mom with her dad, the last things they said, Bob, who was a great man, was ‘I love you’. I feel this was a nice piece of perspective and a nice moment to tell someone you love them.”

You can watch it below:

Our thoughts are with Pat McAfee and his family.

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