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Tribal Court Ends With SmackDown Star Getting Hospitalized

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Tonight’s post-Money In The Bank episode of SmackDown at Madison Square Garden kicked off with The Usos coming out.

They said people thought it couldn’t be done, but they did it – they beat Roman Reigns.

Paul Heyman then came out with Solo Sikoa. Usos tell Heyman to shut up and Heyman says there’s only one man in WWE that can tell him to stop, and Solo suddenly stopped Heyman and Heyman is shocked. Solo throws the mic out of the ring and out comes Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns to a huge pop from the New York crowd.

Fans are chanting “you got pinned” at Roman. Reigns tells MSG to acknowledge him and they did. Reigns says yeah, the fans are right – he got pinned, but the last time he checked, he’s still The Tribal Chief. Fans begin chanting “Tribal Chief” now.

Roman tells both Jimmy & Jey Uso that they’re not The Tribal Chief, so Roman is confused how they can call for Tribal Court, because they don’t have the authority for it.

The Usos said Roman won’t manipulate them this time and showed footage of all the times that Roman has insulted his Bloodline members. The fans chanted “you f**ked up” and Roman says no, he didn’t.

Roman said that’s not who he is. He was forced to do these things for Jey, Jimmy & Solo, he didn’t like doing it. Fans are chanting “bullsh*t” now and Roman said how can that be true because he was a WrestleMania main eventer long before The Bloodline started. The Head of the Table said:

“I didn’t need The Bloodline, The Bloodline needed me.”

Roman said he doesn’t need all of this in his life and that he’s done, and if Jey wants it (referring to The Tribal Chief spot), it’s his.

Reigns takes off his Ula Fala and puts it around Jey’s neck. Roman gets down on his knees and is crying. Jey shows compassion towards Roman and Roman hits Jey with a Low Blow!

You can watch it below:

Jimmy attacks Roman and Solo lays out Jimmy with the Samoan Spike. Solo picks up the Ula Fala and fans chant “put it on”. Roman gets concerned and gets in Solo’s face. Solo is about to hand the Ula Fala to Roman and Jey jumps both of them. Solo lays out Jey as well.

Roman hits Jimmy with the Superman Punch. Solo locks Jey in between the ropes. Roman shouts at Jey and tells him he’ll never be The Tribal Chief as long as he’s around.

Reigns hit Jimmy in the head with the Undisputed Title and kept doing it right in front of Jey. Roman hit Jimmy with the steel ring steps twice.

Jey frees himself from Solo and goes after Roman, but Solo comes back and hits Jey with the Samoan Spike. Roman orders Solo to finish Jimmy. Solo places Jimmy on top of the announce table, and then hits a Splash on him from the top of the barricade, while Roman buried Jey under the announcers’ chairs.

Heyman put the Ula Fala back around Roman’s neck and acknowledged his Tribal Chief.

Roman held the Undisputed Title high to end this highly-awaited segment. After SmackDown came back from the commercial break, Jimmy Uso was taken to the Hospital.

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