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Triple H Comments On Randy Orton’s Controversial Loss To Gunther

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At today’s WWE King & Queen of the Ring PLE, Gunther defeated Randy Orton to win the King of the Ring tournament.

Orton hit Gunther with 2 RKOs. In the first one, Gunther managed to roll out of the ring. In the second one, Gunther kicked out and then immediately rolled up Orton to pin him. However, Orton’s one shoulder was up in the air. You can watch it below:

Triple H shook Gunther’s hand after the match and gave him the crown. Gunther raised the crown in the air. After the match, Gunther said he’s going to become the World Heavyweight Champion at SummerSlam.

After the PLE went off the air, Triple H was interviewed backstage and said the following about the controversial finish to Gunther vs. Orton:

“So live, I was out there. My vantage point was very difficult to see. Coming back here and seeing it back, I saw what everybody saw. Didn’t even seem very controversial to me, just seemed like Randy Orton’s shoulder wasn’t down.

But I’ll say this, referee’s decision is final and Gunther is your King of The Ring. That being said, I certainly wanna see that again. I think Randy Orton deserves to have another shot at that and I think Gunther will want to have another shot at that to take the controversy out, to take the asterisk off the page where it says King of The Ring.

I think he wants to prove he is better than Randy Orton. Randy is pretty banged up, both his knee and back. I think it’ll be a moment or two before he is ready to step back with Gunther, but when he is – let’s go.”

Backstage, Gunther said the following about his King of the Ring crown:

“Isn’t it pretty? But I didn’t need it to know I’m the best around here.”

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