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Triple H Dances At WWE Live Event & Hits A Pedigree Out Of Nowhere (Video), SmackDown Live Star Debuts New Look (Photos & Video)

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Triple H Dances At WWE Live Event & Hits A Pedigree Out Of Nowhere (Video)

As we noted before, Old School WWF Legend and 14 time World Champion “The Game” Triple H returned to in-ring action at a WWE SmackDown Live Event in Santiago, Chile. Triple H went on to defeat former two time United States Champion Rusev.

You can watch the finish below:

Triple H then danced in the ring with The New Day and suddenly delivered a Pedigree on Kofi Kingston out of nowhere! You can watch it below:

Below is what Stephanie McMahon & The Rock tweeted about this:

Below are the results from this Live Event:

Sin Cara def. Aiden English

SmackDown Women’s Championship Match: Natalya (c) def. Naomi to retain the Title.

Triple H def. Rusev

Charlotte Flair & Becky Lynch def. Ms. Money In The Bank Carmella & Tamina Snuka

United States Championship Match: Baron Corbin (c) def. Bobby Roode & Tye Dillinger to retain the Title.

WWE Championship Match: Jinder Mahal (c) def. Shinsuke Nakamura to retain the Title.

SmackDown Live Star Debuts New Look

SmackDown Live Superstar Rusev debuted a new look at a WWE Live Event in Buenos Aires and you can check it out below:


Day One UCEev @uceyjucey @jonathanfatu

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SQUAD #UCEev @jonathanfatu @uceyjucey

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Clarification Regarding Who Came Up The “Hell in a Cell” Name & Concept

During a recent edition of “The Brand” podcast, former WWF writer Vince Russo clarified who came up with the “Hell in a Cell” name & concept due to Bruce Prichard (f.k.a Brother Love in the WWF) having some confusion and calling out Russo for lying.

Below is what Russo said:

“When we were talking about the very first Hell in a Cell, I vividly remember, it was me, Cornette and Vince McMahon. The Hell in a Cell was Vince’s vision, concept and idea and, bro, I guarantee you that came from Taker and Shawn where they wanted to do a cage match but they wanted to fight outside the cage.

So I’m sure they triggered, they got in Vince’s head and Vince started thinking about this freaking structure that goes outside the ring. 1000% Vince’s vision. I’ve said that a million times and it’s me, him and Cornette talking about it. So as we’re talking about it, I simply start with freaking rhyming things. That’s where I always start. That’s the simplest way.

So I sat there and I said Vince that’s great, but he goes “we need a name for it”. After thinking for a little while I threw out ‘Hell in a Cell’. 100% No doubt about it and bro from what I recall Bruce Prichard was not even there. I could be wrong about that. But from what I recall …..it was…..that’s when me, Vince and Cornette were booking. So Vince came up with the whole thing and all I said as the writer, “Vince, how about Hell in a Cell?” Which bro is not freaking rocket science.

Any freaking moron could have came up with that name. So while we’re reviewing the show this week Hell in a Cell, I needed a headline. You’re always looking for a big headline to draw people to the show and I said something about….. you know……. “The man who came up with the name of Hell in a Cell”. That was my headline. Okay, bro? Immediately after that Bruce Prichard goes on his show and says:

“That’s a lie. Vince Russo’s lying. He did not come up with that name. Vince McMahon did”

Now I’m sitting here and I’m saying to myself let’s be logical about this for a second – if I’m gonna lie about that, wouldn’t it be much better if I say I came up with the whole thing?

Why would I say Vince came up with the whole entire thing. So I’m saying to myself if I’m a lawyer I would have said “Yeah bro, I came up with the whole thing like that Pat Patterson came up with the Royal Rumble. I came up.”

No bro. I threw Vince a simple freaking name that anybody could have thrown him. That’s it.

My point is with the freaking Prichards and the freaking Cornettes, I am just so freakin’ sick and tired of both of these freaking guys not giving credit where credit is due.

I have no freakin’ problem – Bruce Prichard came up with Kane, Bruce Prichard laid out the whole freaking story in and it was beautiful. I was sitting right freakin’ next to him. I have no problem saying that. I am so tired of these two freaking guys. I’m freakin’ sick of people not giving credit where credit is due.”

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