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Triple H Explains Why He Takes Pictures With Wrestlers After They Win Titles & Why Sometimes He Doesn’t

Triple H HHH Hunter Hearst Helmsley - Intercontinental Champion

During a recent appearance on the McMahonsplaining podcast, Old School WWF Legend and 14 time World Champion “The Game” Triple H explained why he takes pictures with wrestlers after they win a Title and why sometimes he doesn’t. Below is what he said:

“You know why I take pictures with everybody? Because I’m more famous. When I do that, and I take a picture, just on Twitter alone I got six million people that see it when I tap that picture. I make them something bigger, and that’s the attempt.

Triple H & Chyna Interview (1999-04-25) by WWFOldSchool

When they don’t need it, I don’t stand next to them anymore. When people ask me, ‘Well, why didn’t you stand next to that guy when he won the title on SmackDown?’ He doesn’t need it,” he said. “He didn’t need that promotion. If I can help them, I help them. If I can take them to another level, I try to take them to another level. That’s what this is all about, creating the future. If I can do that, and help create the future, then I do.

Triple H vs. The Undertaker (RAW 1999-07-19) by WWFOldSchool

When I don’t need to step into that, I’m happy to step out of it. Trust me, when they come to get me to shoot that picture when I’m pointing at the guy, it is the last thing I possibly want to do at that moment in time, is go take that picture, but I have to do it.”

Triple H vs. Doink The Clown (1995-10-16) by WWFOldSchool

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