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8. Sunny Reveals Why She Broke Up With Shawn Michaels

During a recent appearance on the Wrestlingus Show, WWE Hall of Famer Sunny talked about her relationship with fellow Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels in the 90s.

During the show, Sunny revealed what led to her breaking up with the “Heart Break Kid”:

“He was building a brand new house in San Antonio, Texas. His mother and I became very close. We used to talk on the phone like every day. And him mom and I picked out the colors for the cabinets, the countertops, the tile, the carpeting, everything for the house. I helped design his house and right as the house is getting finished, Shawn asked me to move in with him. And I was like, ‘whoa, okay, this is where it’s going to get serious now.’ So it came down to me thinking, ‘okay, I can move to Texas with Shawn and either a) have a great life or have that end really badly. And b), on the other hand, if I do move to Texas with Shawn, and end it for good with Chris, Chris would probably kill himself.’

I mean, Chris worshipped the ground I walked on. Like, I was everything to him, so my subconscious, I couldn’t just say to Chris, ‘okay, we’re totally ended, we’re done forever now. I’m moving in with Shawn.’ because he probably would have offed himself, honest to God.”

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