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Triple H Uses 2 Words To Describe Jacob Fatu

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On The Pat McAfee Show, Chief Content Officer Triple H talked about The Bloodline storyline and Jacob Fatu debuting in WWE on SmackDown.

While talking about Fatu, HHH used two words to describe him: Game Changer.

Here’s what The Game said:

“When you talk about Tribal Chief, you’re talking about Roman Reigns, no matter who lays claim to that now. You see The Bloodline carrying on. You see Solo putting himself out there as The Tribal Chief. You see Tama Tonga and Tonga Loa coming in. You see those guys starting to run wild.

Then, the game changer happens of Jacob Fatu coming in. He’s a game changer. You very clearly see that shift of ‘We’re running the show now. This is the new Tribal Chief. This is the new Head of the Table’.

That’s only going to last so long before there is a return. Let’s hope that Heyman’s nerves can take it. He looks like he’s on his very last nerve.

It’s an exciting time. That is ramping up big and they’re starting to go after Cody Rhodes and the WWE Title.”

As we noted earlier, the Wrestling Observer is reporting that Cody Rhodes vs. Solo Sikoa for the Undisputed WWE Championship is the currently planned main event of SummerSlam 2024.

During the show, Triple H also talked about Dominik Mysterio. Dominik is a ladies man in WWE. He’s Rhea Ripley’s on-screen boyfriend and now Women’s World Champion Liv Morgan wants to sleep with him.

HHH had the following to say about Dirty Dom’s character:

“Dom, when you look at him, it’s not like you look at Dom and go, ‘Well this is a guy that all the chicks dig.’ He does have good hair. Apparently, Dom is a machine.”

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