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Triple H’s Latest Change To WWE Programming

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Below are some top WWE news stories of the day, involving Triple H and The Rock.

• According to PWInsider, Chief Content Officer Triple H is considering integrating sports-centric elements into WWE programming, as discussed backstage at Monday’s RAW and within WWE headquarters.

An example cited in the report is Cody Rhodes being interviewed on RAW “earlier today” with a clock displaying the time, emphasizing a move towards stronger realism.

The intention is to incorporate more sports-oriented features, with interviews also reflecting this approach.

• In 2023, The Rock revealed that multiple political parties approached him to run for U.S. President in the future. A 2021 poll even showed that 46% of the voters would likely vote for him, if he’s an official candidate.

The People’s Champion has now revealed that he won’t run for U.S. President.

During an interview on Fox & Friends, the WWF Legend explained why:

“I’m honored. I’m not a politician, never had the intentions to be a politician. As all this continues to take shape and form, and I get it, especially ramping up into this year in particular with an election year.

I actually got approached by both parties. One after the other. I said, then, as I say now, ‘I’m honored, thank you. The most important thing I’m doing now is being a daddy to my little girls’.

I like school drop-offs, and I like pick-ups. I like that and I know if I were to ever go down that road, which I have no intention to, all that goes away, and I don’t want that to go away.”

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