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Truth Behind Shawn Michaels Liking Anti-Stephanie McMahon Post

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2-Time WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels ‘liked’ the following anti-Stephanie McMahon post on Twitter:

“Why should he give the company to his daughter? It’s his company and he built it. If he wants to cash out then let him. And Stephanie has hardly proved she can run the company. Just look at how she treated Dusty after he owned her in a promo or how she keeps claiming credit for women’s revolution.”

This raised many eyebrows, as HBK has a major position in WWE backstage and is one of Triple H’s best friends.

However, it turns out that this was just an error made by Shawn’s Twitter account manager:

Nick Hausman reported the following about this:

“For those getting all hyped up about Shawn Michaels liking the Stephanie McMahon tweet, I’m told it was an errant ‘Like’ by whoever helps with his account.

Obviously, Shawn’s best friend is Triple H, and he has a ton of respect for Stephanie.”

Earlier this year, Stephanie McMahon resigned as chairwoman & co-CEO of WWE.

After going on a break, the first thing Stephanie did was get her ankle fixed by undergoing surgery.

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