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Twitter Took Away Road Dogg’s Account Verification After He Was Fired From WWE

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• Twitter Took Away Road Dogg’s Account Verification After He Was Fired From WWE

Old School WWF Legend ‘Road Dogg’ Jesse James (aka Brian Armstrong, real name Brian James) was released from his WWE contract a couple of days ago, amongst other popular names like William Regal, Samoa Joe and Road Dogg’s own brother, referee Scott Armstrong.

The legendary D-Generation X member took to Twitter and revealed that he lost his account verification after his WWE termination.

Here’s what Road Dogg tweeted:

“This is the same Brian James aka Road Dogg I just lost my verified status and my employment status lol I’m back on Twitter now.”

Speaking of the Armstrong family, Brian’s brother Scott also reacted to his own release on Twitter, by posting the following:

“Losing a good gig is never easy, no matter what the occupation, so sometimes ya just gotta get back to basics! #Biscuits

TY for all the well wishes from everyone! I just need a click to reset…Oh and @SeanRossSapp saying I’m 62…C’MON…I’m a “Really YOUNG 60” 05/04/61?”

As of this writing, Scott still has the Twitter verification tag next to his name, but it remains to be seen how long he’ll manage to keep it.

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