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15. Former WCW Referee Discusses The Story Behind Hollywood Hogan vs. Sting Match Finish From Starrcade 1997

During a recent appearance on the “Sitting Ringside” podcast, former WCW referee Nick Patrick discussed the story behind the Hollywood Hogan vs. Sting match finish from Starrcade 1997. Below is what he said:

“What happened was two people, Sting and Hulk, they were the two franchise guys and the two franchise guys were butting heads at that point in time. One guy came up to me and told me to fast count it to get some heat and give him an out and the other guy said ‘Don’t fast count it. Keep it nice and slow.’ And so the person that was in charge evidently didn’t want to make a call, didn’t want to pick a side, and made themselves scarce all night long to where I couldn’t find them to ask them ‘Hey, what do you want me to do?’

I’ve had to be politically correct because I was working for somebody every other time, ya know. Now, I just don’t give a dang anymore. I’m just letting it fly.”

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