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5. WWF Attitude Era Veteran Has A Message For Today’s Wrestling Fans

Old School Attitude Era wrestler Al Snow posted a very good advice for modern day era wrestling fans on his Facebook page, in which he educates them on how to start enjoying Professional Wrestling again. Here’s what the former Leif Cassidy had to say:

“To wrestling fans: You enjoyed wrestling when you knew nothing about it, go back to that & it will be fun again. Stop being a pseudo expert.”

Al Snow & Pepper Promo [1999-08-08] von WWFOldSchool

Al Snow and his famous ‘Al Snow Wrestling Academy’ recently cut ties with iMPACT Wrestling (TNA) due to financial reasons and below is what he posted on Twitter:

“I want to say thank you to everyone at @IMPACTWRESTLING for the great run I’ve had. Change must always happen & I am excited for the future.”

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