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UFC Fighter Says He Passed On The Opportunity To Join WWE After Speaking To Jinder Mahal, Rey Mysterio Comments On Why 205 Live Isn’t Popular


• Rey Mysterio Comments On Why 205 Live Isn’t Popular

During a recent interview with ESPN, former WWE Champion Rey Mysterio was asked about his opinion on why 205 Live isn’t popular. Below is what Mysterio said:

“I don’t know. To be honest with you I can scratch my head all day and not figure it out because they do have talent. I don’t know if they’re limited to doing so much in the ring that they don’t go all out versus Lucha Underground. It’s Johnny Mundo versus Rey Mysterio and 15 minutes. We’ll go ahead and tear the house down without limitation. We’ll be coming up with new moves and still trying to innovate the game.

With 205 Live and the comparison with WCW, it was just a different time. Back then, we had no competition. The cruiserweight division had no competition. Nobody was out there doing the stuff we were doing. You have to get really creative now to blow the fans’ minds away. I think it’s gotten to that point where there’s another phase of the evolution of the sport and it’s changing right now as we speak.

I see guys like Ricochet. I see guys like Will Ospreay. And I’m going, ‘what the hell, where are these guys coming up with all these moves?’ Sometimes I pause and think, ‘I was like that when I was breaking into the business.’ I was always being creative and thinking of new stuff.

We’re in a new era right now. I think if they just let the guys from 205 Live go a little bit more, feel free to do whatever they want to do, maybe they might get a different reaction. I could be wrong.”

• UFC Fighter Says He Passed On The Opportunity To Join WWE After Speaking To Jinder Mahal

During a recent interview with The Sun, the first-ever Indian born UFC Fighter Arjan Bhullar revealed why he passed on the opportunity to join WWE after speaking to former WWE Champion Jinder Mahal.

Below is what Bhullar said:

“We were in talks after the Olympics with both the UFC and WWE to figure out the next step career wise. The WWE wanted me to come down to the development center in Florida and go through that.

I actually reached out to Jinder and asked him about the schedule and what it would look like if I were to take that opportunity. I realized how crazy it is – they’re never at home. I’m a pretty family-orientated guy and I still have that competitive edge as well. For those two reasons I was able to go the UFC route.

Down the line – to dabble in the WWE – I’m open to that. I grew up on WWE.”

Bhullar is a Heavyweight fighter and is undefeated with a record of 7-0.

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