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The Undertaker Is Getting Old & Slow, But Does It Really Matter? – Part 4

#2 The Undertaker Is Still A Huge Draw & The #1 Attraction At WrestleMania

If you ask someone what do they look forward to at a WrestleMania event, the answer most of the times is going to be “The Undertaker”. Despite IWC smarks making negative comments about The Undertaker on the internet, it doesn’t change the fact that he’s still a huge money draw and people pay to see him do what he does best – entertain them!

Old School fans & casual fans pay to see him and even most IWC Smarks are still enjoying The Undertaker’s matches, whether they admit it online or not. This is yet another reason why he isn’t going to let Vince McMahon down as he always delivers and helps WWE financially.

Remember, at the end of the day WWE (and Professional Wrestling) is a business and the only goal is to make money and it’s a well known fact that only the following Superstars are major money draws for the WWE nowadays:

– Goldberg

– The Undertaker

– The Rock

– Brock Lesnar

– John Cena (the only one who draws big money on the full time roster and his “full timer” status might be changing soon as well)

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