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Undertaker Isn’t Happy With Braun Strowman

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The Undertaker, renowned for maintaining his stoic character for over three decades, recently voiced his concerns about the impact of social media on the personas of modern wrestlers. In particular, he called out Braun Strowman for failing to uphold his in-ring character on his personal social media accounts.

Braun Strowman, known as “The Monster Among Monsters,” has been a dominant presence on WWE television since his return earlier this year.

However, Strowman often shares glimpses of his personal life on social media, which sometimes includes lighthearted and unconventional posts that contrast sharply with his fierce on-screen persona.

During an episode of his “Six Feet Under” podcast, The Undertaker discussed his observations about Strowman’s social media activity. He expressed his concerns about the disparity between Strowman’s menacing character and his off-screen behavior.

“I’ve talked to Braun Strowman several times, saying, ‘Here you are, The Monster Among Men,’ and then you look on your social media and you’ve got daisy duke shorts on, bunny ears, and you’re hopping around. Love Braun, but you can’t sometimes,” The Undertaker shared.

The Undertaker’s advice wasn’t just about maintaining a consistent character; he also emphasized the importance of patience and dedication in honing one’s craft. He highlighted the need for wrestlers to focus on their skills and development rather than rushing to achieve fame and success.

“Guys and girls, they want to put the cart in front of the horse, you know? All that’ll come, it’ll all come, you just have to be patient, work on your craft. My advice is, ‘You work on your craft and you become the best sports entertainer, professional wrestler that you can be, and then all the other stuff will come.'”

The Undertaker’s insights reflect his deep commitment to the art of professional wrestling and the importance of maintaining a strong and consistent character.

His comments serve as a reminder to modern wrestlers about the value of patience, dedication, and staying true to their on-screen personas.

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