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Undertaker Reveals Backstage Reaction Of WWE Stars To The Streak Ending At WrestleMania 30

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The 21-0 undefeated WrestleMania streak of The Undertaker came to an end on April 6, 2014, when Brock Lesnar defeated him at WrestleMania 30.

On his Six Feet Under podcast, Undertaker discussed The Streak. Below are the highlights:

The importance of The Streak:

“Shortly after the (Ric) Flair match (at WrestleMania 18), that’s when The Streak really came alive. It really became special.

There were guys that will tell you, and there’s still guys that would tell you like, ‘I don’t care if I’m the main event or not. I want The Streak’.

It was such a huge attraction ‘Who is it going to be?’ It gets up there 13-0, 14-0. It’s like, ‘oh, is this the guy that is going to beat The Streak?’

I’m not the one to tout my own horn but on many occasions, it was as important as whatever the main event was. Is this guy the guy that’s gonna bust The Streak? It was just a really special time.”

Backstage reaction to The Streak coming to an end:

“Among fans, even amongst the talent because most of the guys were pi$$ed. They were like, ‘Man, The Streak shouldn’t have been broke’.

That’s the business. I don’t have any decision in that but a lot of the boys that were part of making that Streak something, making it mean what it meant.

They were like ‘Damn man, why are you taking away? Why are you taking away such a vital part of WrestleMania?’ It was like ‘This is as important as a title match’.”

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