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Undertaker Reveals If He Prefers Cody Rhodes As WWE Champion Over Roman Reigns

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Below are some top WWE news stories of the day, involving The Undertaker and Joe Gacy.

• Cody Rhodes finally finished the story at WrestleMania 40, when he defeated Roman Reigns to win the Undisputed WWE Championship.

It looks like WWE Hall of Famer The Undertaker prefers Cody as the WWE Champion over Roman because Cody is a full-time wrestler.

Here’s what The Phenom said about The American Nightmare’s future as champion on his Six Feet Under podcast:

“He’s going to work a lot because he wants to, if that makes sense. So he’s not going to be a champion that… no offense to Roman, but Roman didn’t have a lot of matches as champion.

I think he’ll be a working champion. I think he’s going to be a workhorse, actually; I think he’s going to defend the title a lot… He’s going to be wanting to walk out there and show people why he’s the World Champion.”

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• Following the conclusion of the WWE Draft, which witnessed a flurry of roster reshuffles across RAW and SmackDown, attention now turns to potential additions from NXT to the main roster. While notable names like Blair Davenport, Kiana James, Carmelo Hayes, Baron Corbin, and Dijak have already made the leap, speculation abounds regarding the fate of other NXT talents amidst the post-Draft landscape.

One conspicuous absence during the Draft was the lack of official talent transfers to NXT, a decision reportedly rooted in multifaceted considerations. Reports from Fightful Select suggest that concerns about perception, with some talent potentially interpreting a move to NXT as a demotion, contributed to the absence of draft picks for the developmental brand. Additionally, logistical complications stemming from disparities between main roster and NXT contracts within WWE further complicated the drafting process.

Amidst this backdrop, wrestling insiders have set their sights on Joe Gacy as the next NXT standout poised for a main roster promotion. PWInsider recently reported sightings of Gacy at WWE Headquarters, sparking speculation that his transition to the main roster is imminent.

Sources close to the matter have indicated that this visit was directly linked to plans for Gacy’s call-up, adding fuel to the anticipation surrounding his impending debut on RAW or SmackDown.

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