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Undertaker To Wrestle One More Match?

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Below are some top WWE news stories of the day, involving The Undertaker and Hulk Hogan.

• On his “Monday Mailbag” podcast, former WWF/E referee Mike Chioda revealed that The Undertaker’s recent surgeries were a success and he personally believes that The Phenom might wrestle again.

Here’s what Chioda said:

“Taker looks in great shape. I know he’s had some surgeries done; I think they were successful and the hip replacement and all that and so forth. I think he’s got one more match in him, but please make him go over.

Don’t do the match unless you’re going over The Deadman. F**k building anybody else up. Let them work on their own building themselves up.

I hope he does do one more match. I could see him doing one more match.”

The Undertaker was last seen on the October 10, 2023 episode of NXT, which was billed as the biggest episode of NXT ever, where he chokeslammed Bron Breakker.

• There’s a lot of speculation going on about who Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns is going to face at WrestleMania 40 – The Rock or Cody Rhodes.

Kevin Nash thinks it’s going to be The Rock and Roman will defeat him to retain the Title, as WWE most likely wants The Tribal Chief to surpass Hulk Hogan’s longest WWF Championship reign (which lasted from 1984 to 1988), for which Roman will have to remain champion until September.

Here’s what Nash said on his podcast:

“The bottom line is, I mean there’s four spots. I don’t see them taking the belt off Seth and I don’t see them taking the belt off of Roman.

Don’t you think they want Roman to pass the Hogan streak? I mean, there’s no upside in having Dwayne go over. I think Dwayne would do the job much like Hogan did for Dwayne in Toronto.”

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