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Upcoming Undertaker Appearance Cancelled Due To Payment Issue

The Undertaker

• Old School WWF Veteran Celebrates His Birthday

Old School WWF Tag Team Veteran B. Brian Blair celebrates his 60th birthday today.

Most Golden Era fans will remember him as a member of the Tag Team ‘The Killer Bees’ alongside his tag team partner “Jumpin'” Jim Brunzell.

They teamed up in the World Wrestling Federation from 1985 till 1988, before they were split up unannounced and both Brian & Jim were used as ‘Jobbers To The Stars’ from that point onwards.

The team later reunited in Herb Abrams’ as “Masked Confusion”, though still using their Killer Bees gimmick, only with a different name due to the WWF holding the trademark.


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• Upcoming Undertaker Appearance Cancelled Due To Payment Issue

The Undertaker was scheduled to make an appearance in Louis Spilman Auditorium in Waynesboro, Virginia for a meet & greet session on April 13, 2019, but that’s not going to happen anymore.

According to Wrestlinginc, this appearance was cancelled because of ‘lack of communication and lack of any payment by the promoter’.

Undertaker agreed to do this appearance at a ‘heavily discounted rate’ due to the charitable component and nature of this event, but the promoter’s actions were completely unacceptable.

Speaking of The Undertaker, he recently relived his Royal Rumble 2007 win by posting a video on his Instagram profile and you can check it out below:


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2007 Darkside

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The Undertaker continues to grow his presence on Social Media as he now has a Twitter profile as well:

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