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Update On How WWE Could Go Back To Having Events With Fans

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• Old School WWF Veteran Celebrates His Birthday

Old School WWF Veteran Nailz (Real name: Kevin Wacholz) turns 62 today.

He’s one of the very few Old School Wrestlers, whom Vince is most likely never going to forgive, after Nailz choked him out during a dispute over a paycheck in late 1992.

Needless to say, he was fired on the spot and never mentioned again.

WCW brought him in as ‘The Prisoner’ just a few months later for their Slamboree 1993 PPV, where Wacholz jobbed to Sting in 5 minutes.

If not for his long career (which he didn’t have), at least he gets remembered for having a WWF Hasbro Figure, that was actually selling really well.


• Update On How WWE Could Go Back To Having Events With Fans

On Thursday afternoon, the President of the United States Of America, Donald Trump, shared a plan with the governor of all states on how to reopen the country.

Every state governor has been given the power to open up their states on a time of their choosing. How they will open up the state also depends upon them.

Trump shared 3 phases of opening the country. In the first phase of his plan, he said that he wanted sporting events to be resumed as soon as possible. At first, they would start without fans. A little later, fans could start coming in, but they would have to follow strict social distancing measures. Every fan would sit with 2 empty seats in between.

No timeline for when fans could start attending the events was given though.

“Many of them are going to be starting without the fans. It will be made for television — the good ole days, made for television,” Trump said, noting he spoke with most of the league commissioners on Wednesday. “It’ll go that way and then fans will start coming in, maybe they’ll be separated by two seats.”

“And then ultimately we want to have packed arenas. When the virus is gone, we’re going to have packed arenas. We’re going to be back to enjoying sports the way they’re supposed to be.”

With Trump behind the idea of sports taking place as soon as possible, and fans attending them in the near future, we can expect WWE to go back to having fans at their events in a couple of months. WWE could eventually start filming their events in the states where the lockdown will be lifted.

Vince McMahon could even plan to have this year’s SummerSlam with fans by following the social distancing rules shared by the President.

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