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Update On Jerry Lawler’s Condition

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WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler suffered a massive stroke earlier this year.

Last week, Dutch Mantell said Jerry is not recovering as well as the Doctors hoped. He also said that Jerry’s voice has changed and he is having trouble finishing sentences.

In a new episode of SK Wrestling’s WrestleBinge, Bill Apter provided the following update on Lawler:

“He is recovering. What Dutch said was true. His spirits were great. Jerry and I are huge horror movie fans and every time I’m on the phone with him, I’ve got to do this imitation of this lady of the old Invisible Man movie. I have to do that every time I call him.

So the first few weeks after he had his stroke, there was no recognition of that. Today he laughed. He said ‘Hello Bill’ and he asked me if I saw the Renfield movie yet.

So we discussed horror movies and he mentioned that he saw RAW this past Monday night and that Logan Paul mentioned him on Monday Night RAW and he was thrilled to hear that.

He did have a problem remembering parts of that segment like when he mentioned LeBron James, he couldn’t mention that name. It was hard for him to finish the sentences but he’s much better than when I talked to him about 3 weeks ago.”

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