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Update On The Future Of WWE’s PG-Rating

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In recent discussions circulating within the WWE, there’s a growing sense of frustration among talent regarding what they perceive as a double standard in the use of adult language in promos, particularly in contrast to the treatment of Old School WWF Legend The Rock.

The Rock has long been known for his penchant for incorporating strong language and edgier content into his television appearances, a trademark style that has resonated with fans over the years. However, other wrestlers within the company have reportedly faced strict restrictions when attempting to emulate similar language in their promos.

With Triple H now at the helm of WWE’s creative direction, there seems to be a notable shift towards a more mature approach to storytelling. This transition has been evident in recent instances, such as allowing Cody Rhodes to bleed during an angle with The Rock, a practice that had previously been off-limits.

Moreover, both Cody Rhodes and CM Punk have begun to integrate more adult language into their promos, signaling a departure from the stricter guidelines imposed by the previous regime. Even the esteemed Paul Heyman did not shy away from using explicit language during his Hall of Fame speech. These changes collectively indicate a new creative direction within WWE, one that embraces greater flexibility and adult-oriented content reminiscent of the beloved Attitude Era.

However, according to the Wrestling Observer, there seems to have been a recent shift in WWE’s stance on language used by talent. A memo was reportedly circulated to talent, reminding them to adhere to a PG rating in their language, suggesting a potential tightening of restrictions on promo content.

Here’s what they reported:

“We were told that everything is up in the air as far as going forward as there is a recognition that going farther in this direction will draw a younger audience, as it did 25 years ago, but they also want to not be in a position where sponsors are squeamish so it’s a balancing act. But if Rock doesn’t have 100 percent carte blanche to do what he wants, he has at last close to that.”

Despite this directive, it appears that certain top-tier talent may enjoy more leniency in their language usage, hinting that the PG limits might not be as strictly enforced for them. This shift possibly signifies WWE’s attempt to strike a balance between catering to a more mature audience for its top stars while upholding a family-friendly tone for the broader roster.

The long-term mandate regarding language and content in promos and segments for the entire roster remains ambiguous. Both fans and talent will be keen to observe any further developments or official announcements from WWE on this matter, as the company navigates this delicate balance between maintaining its traditional appeal and adapting to evolving audience expectations.

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