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Update On WWF Veteran Getting Arrested

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• Old School WWF Manager Celebrates His Birthday

Old School WWF Manager Slick (Real name: Kenneth Johnson) celebrates his 61st birthday today.

Slick was a manager on WWF TV from 1986 till 1993, managing Superstars like Hercules, The Twin Towers, Nikolai Volkoff & The Iron Sheik, Power & Glory, The Bolsheviks, Rick Martel, The Warlord and Kamala.

He is the son of Old School NWA Legend Rufus R. Jones, who got inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame (Legacy Wing) in 2018, while Slick himself has yet to be inducted.


• Update On WWF Veteran Getting Arrested

Old School WWF Veteran & former ECW World Heavyweight Champion Justin Credible has been arrested once again.

He has been arrested for:

– Misdemeanor assault

– Violating a protection order

– Breach of peace

Multiple charges are listed against Credible which include criminal mischief and 3 instances of violating a protection order. Credible was taken into custody on Tuesday.

While Credible lives with his family, most people in the family have a protection order against him in case an incident occurs.

Credible was arrested back in September as well for violating a restraining order.

Credible recently gave up the opportunity to go to a WWE sponsored rehab.

In an update to this, Credible has now been released from custody on a $10,000 bond, according to PWInsider.

Credible violated a protective order that was filed by his wife back in March and he has a hearing scheduled for it on January 19.

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