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Update On Rey Mysterio’s WWE Status, Jim Ross On Why Vince McMahon Is Bringing Back XFL

Rey Mysterio Unmasked

• Jim Ross On Why Vince McMahon Is Bringing Back XFL

During a recent appearance on Busted Open Radio, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross had the following to say regarding Vince McMahon bringing the XFL back in 2020:

“He loves taking calculated risks. I had the first meeting with him after the first XFL went down, and I think we lost 50 million or something like that. We had a regular meeting and we talked about the XFL for a minute or two. He said ‘JR I took a calculated risk and it didn’t go down. I still believe in the concept.’

I don’t have an issue with the concept. I don’t know if he’s bored or he just loves the challenge. I know that was a challenge that went unfulfilled, didn’t succeed at it, and maybe there’s something to be said about his competitive nature. I can tell you that he sees something that is different than the last go-round. It should be exciting as it progresses.”

• Chris Jericho On His Raw 25 Appearance

A fan asked Chris Jericho if he felt his talent was wasted on Raw 25 with the segment he did with Elias and this is what Jericho replied.

• Update On Rey Mysterio’s WWE Status

As seen during the Men’s Royal Rumble 2018 match, former World Champion Rey Mysterio returned to WWE as a surprise entrant during the match. According to PWInsider, Mysterio agreed to appear in the Royal Rumble match last week, but he hasn’t signed a contract and his appearance was a one-off.

However, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer noted that Mysterio could agree to work more WWE events in the future despite having a lot of indy appearances scheduled, but he would never agree to work a full time WWE schedule.

We’ll keep you updated regarding Mysterio’s WWE status.

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