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Val Venis Posts A Very Controversial Tweet About Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Giselle Shaw & Nyla Rose

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WWF Attitude Era Veteran Val Venis is not wrestling much anymore and has gotten a lot leaner these days.

He is running a successful (legal) cannabis business and is very outspoken on Twitter about his political and ideological opinions, thus exercises his first amendment right, that obviously a lot of people won’t agree with, but he’s still entitled to saying and tweeting such things.

Here’s what Val Venis posted on Twitter:

“Barack Obama is gay & Michelle Obama is a man.

(IMPACT Wrestling’s) Giselle Shaw is a man & (AEW’s) Nyla Rose is a man.

But neither Giselle Shaw or Nyla Rose stole any of my money.

Barack Obama on the other hand ‘taxed’ a sh*tload money away for 8 years & bought his b*tch boy Michael Obama a mansion.”

A lot of people who disagreed with his opinion have since tried to report some of the content on his official Twitter profile, which is why some Tweets – as opposed to the one above (at least for the moment) – are now age restricted and can not be viewed unless you’re logged in.

Val Venis wrestled for the World Wrestling Federation (later WWE) for 10 years from 1998 until 2008 and was eventually fired in January 2009.

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