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“Very Ironic” – Tony Khan Reacts To Eric Bischoff Criticizing How AEW Debuts New Wrestlers

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• “Very Ironic” – Tony Khan Reacts To Eric Bischoff Criticizing How AEW Debuts New Wrestlers

WCW Legend Eric Bischoff is very well known as one of the harshest critics of Tony Khan’s All Elite Wrestling, alongside several other famous critics such as Jim Cornette.

During a recent interview on the Battlegrounds podcast, Khan took a shot at Bischoff for recent criticism of AEW debuting new wrestlers without any build-up or proper introduction, and called the former WCW President’s comments ‘ironic’.

Here’s what Tony said:

“When I was a young wrestling fan, that was one of the things I really liked about WCW Nitro.

I think it would be very ironic that the same promoter now would tell you, you don’t want to see these faces or introduce new people that we’ve never seen before on TV, because they’re actually the ones that did that.

There were all kinds of new faces I’d read in the magazines, all kinds of people I’ve never seen before, and they would just walk out and wrestle on Nitro like it was perfectly natural, and I thought it was the coolest thing.

But I guess that’s not acceptable anymore, even though it’s much, much, much easier to access information on the Internet than it was in 1996.”

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