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Veteran’s WWE Run Possibly Ending

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While much attention has been focused on Becky Lynch’s future, another prominent WWE women’s star is also approaching the end of her current contract. Natalya, a third-generation wrestler, will see her deal expire early next month, according to PWInsider.

Legacy and Contributions

Natalya’s family legacy within wrestling, combined with her impressive in-ring skills and role as a company ambassador, has drawn surprise from various sources.

Despite her longstanding tenure with WWE, discussions about a new deal have been notably absent until recently. As of 2-3 weeks ago, there had not even been initial talks between the two parties.

TJ Wilson’s Influence

Adding complexity to the situation is Natalya’s husband, TJ Wilson. Wilson, a top producer for WWE, played a pivotal role in organizing this week’s steel cage match on RAW.

His expertise is regularly sought by top talents for their matches. The wrestling community is curious about Wilson’s stance if Natalya does not secure a new contract.

The WWE Source’s Perspective

A WWE source characterized the situation as having time to finalize a new deal. While the clock ticks, negotiations remain ongoing.

Natalya’s Accomplishments

Natalya’s journey began when she signed a developmental contract with WWE in 2007. Her impressive resume includes six Guinness World Records earned during her tenure.

She was an original cast member of Total Divas and has held titles such as the SmackDown Women’s Championship, WWE Divas Championship, and WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship.

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