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Vince McMahon & Bray Wyatt Had A Father-Son Relationship, Says AEW Star

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On a recent episode of his podcast, current AEW wrestler Matt Hardy discussed his former WWE tag team partner Bray Wyatt’s run in WWE.

There were reports last year before Wyatt’s WWE return that Vince McMahon used to shout derogatory things at him because of his weight.

Hardy stated that McMahon and Wyatt had a father-son kind of relationship and Wyatt always worked hard to make the Chairman of WWE happy.

“Him and Vince had a very interesting relationship, almost like a father-son relationship in some ways. I feel like that probably came to be because he had only known the WWE system, so Vince was the only boss he ever had. I feel like there’s times when Vince shows you all this love, but then if you do something he doesn’t necessarily like or he disagrees with, then he’s really tough on you like a father in many ways. I feel like they, more than a lot of wrestlers who work under Vince, they had this weird, almost father-son relationship.

If Vince was mad at him, he would be very sad and disappointed, like, oh my God, I didn’t make him happy. Then there were times where he would be totally upset with him. Then there were times that Vince treated him so good and he wanted to move him into the best spot possible and he would love his stuff and he would call him a genius and say that was brilliant and this was great. It was interesting. It feels like their relationship was deeper than just boss-employee. It was almost personal like he was a father figure to Bray in some ways. If Bray made him happy, it made Bray happy. If Bray got him upset, it made Bray disappointed.”

Hardy also revealed that McMahon did appreciate Wyatt’s creativity.

“Yes, absolutely. He did. He appreciated his depth when it came to creativity. I have no doubts about that.”

Matt Hardy & Bray Wyatt held the RAW Tag Team Championship in 2018. Wyatt unfortunately passed away on August 24th 2023, at the age of 36 due to a heart attack.

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