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Alexa Bliss Paid Tribute To Bray Wyatt With Her Soon-To-Be-Born Daughter’s Name

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Alexa Bliss’ soon-to-be-born daughter’s name is Hendrix Rouge Cabrera. Alexa and her husband, singer Ryan Cabrera, revealed this during a ceremony.

Bliss tweeted the following about this name:

“Hendrix after Jimi – Rouge (for a few Personal reasons) in relation to the color Red 🌹♥️”

A fan then asked the following:

“Red .. for Bray? Sorry if I’m far off.”

Bliss replied:

“Few different reasons for her name

1. We love music (& baby does too) we have a lot of Jimi Hendrix paintings in our house

2. Rouge in relation to the color red – made the choice extra meaningful

3. Ryan and I see moulin rouge every time we go to nyc & it’s our favorite play”

Bliss then indirectly confirmed that her daughter’s middle name Rouge is indeed a tribute to Bray, as she liked the following tweet from a fan:

“Is Rouge a tribute to Windham with his quote about the colour Red?”

Wyatt once tweeted the following:

“I Am The Color Red In A World Full Of Black And White.”

Alexa wrote the following when Bray passed away on August 24th:

“I’m just in shock. Extremely heart broken and at a loss for words. What I can say is what an amazing human being Windham is. Amazing friend & one of the most creative minds to ever walk this Earth. Windham, you’ve brought so much joy and happiness to everyone around you. It’s going to take me some time to really process this. Sending my love to the Rotunda Family & Jojo. We love you Windham 🖤”

Alexa has been on a hiatus since Royal Rumble 2023. There were rumors that she was scheduled to return in June, but then she got pregnant. Her baby is due in December.

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