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Vince McMahon Is Using A Cane Now

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WWE held an employee meeting at Stamford on Tuesday, after over 100 employees were released last week due to the merger with UFC. In this meeting, Vince McMahon stated that WWE had plateaued and the deal with Endeavor to form TKO Group Holdings needed to be done to get to the next level.

According to PWInsider, McMahon used a cane to walk up the stairs to the stage and then to walk to the podium where he spoke. It should be noted that Vince recently underwent a major spinal surgery.

This report also noted that Vince was in his element and tried to play up to the employees and said “I’m Vince McMahon, damn it!” When that line received no reaction, Vince said “This is when you are supposed to clap”.

Vince then motioned for a response and when the employees started clapping, Vince jokingly said “You’re learning”.

This meeting was filmed and WWE Executives came out from behind an old RAW set. McMahon was the only executive that didn’t speak with the employees after the meeting was over.

According to Fightful Select, Vince agreeing to sell WWE and making the comments about the company hitting a plateau led many within the company to reaffirm their belief that Vince did this deal so he could return to WWE.

McMahon is believed to hold veto power in his new role as Executive Chairman with TKO Group Holdings, which could be used in decision making for the UFC. Dana White still books the entire fighting promotion as the UFC CEO.

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