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Vince McMahon Can Make Decisions In UFC Now

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Below are some top WWE & UFC news stories of the day:

– The Rock returned to WWE on Friday’s SmackDown and made the crowd chant “you are an a$$hole” at Austin Theory.

This fan chant was censored on TV in the US (but aired uncensored in international markets).

According to Fightful Select, this chant was censored on US TV to avoid an FCC violation (which would prevent its broadcast), and had nothing to do with WWE having a TV-PG rating.

– According to insider source BWE, there is an opinion being discussed within WWE for a whole new title scheme in the company: revamps, new names, weight classes, Trios Titles (6-Man Tag Team Titles), etc.

– Pat McAfee says he’s “very confident” that he’ll get to work with Michael Cole on WWE commentary again.

– Vince McMahon is believed to hold veto power in new role as Executive Chairman with ‘TKO Group Holdings’, which could be used in decision making for the UFC. Dana White still books the entire fighting promotion as the UFC CEO.

– During an interview with SK Wrestling, Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley was asked what she whispers in NXT North American Champion Dominik Mysterio’s ear (who is her on-screen boyfriend).

Below is what Mami said:

“That’s our little secret. I can’t tell you guys because then the secret’s out the bag, and then people won’t talk about it anymore. But it’s pretty spicy stuff.”

– According to BWE, WWE Officials are ‘extremely happy’ with the reaction Jey Uso has been getting from fans as a singles competitor & that they always believed in him.

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