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Vince McMahon Comments On AEW & WWE Ratings, If Triple H’s Role In Creative Will Increase, Paul Heyman’s Firing

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• Old School Wrestling Veteran Celebrates His Birthday

Old School WCW Veteran Bunkhouse Buck (Real name: James Golden) celebrates his 70th birthday today.

He first made a name for himself under the name Jimmy Golden, wrestling for several territories such as the Continental Wrestling Association, Southeastern Championship Wrestling, Continental Championship Wrestling and Smoky Mountain Wrestling, before he joined Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling in 1994 and became Bunkhouse Buck.

After leaving WCW in 1999, he continued to wrestle on the independent scene and even appeared on WWE TV in 2010, where he portrayed Jack Swagger’s father.


• Vince McMahon Comments On AEW & WWE Ratings, If Triple H’s Role In Creative Will Increase, Paul Heyman’s Firing

During WWE’s Second Quarter 2020 earnings call, investors asked WWE CEO Vince McMahon various questions.

Below are the highlights:

On what WWE needs to do to improve its TV ratings after the recent decline:

“As far as ratings are concerned, again, more than any other sport, surely our audience is a part of the program. It’s audience interaction that always is a plus. Again it goes all the way back to the origination of this genre, in terms of ‘yay and boo.’ So, the audience is integral to our success and our television ratings. Again, because of the interaction, or lack thereof.

Not withstanding that, I think that we can have more compelling characters, better storylines, new characters coming to where we are right now, and more content that’s not necessarily in the ring, but one that focuses on our personalities and their story outside of the ring.”

On WWE NXT and AEW Dynamite bouncing back from the initial COVID-19 shock better than RAW and SmackDown:

“That was a lot. I think some of those are new. It’s something that’s new, and what have you, and it’s up to us to make RAW and SmackDown feel more youthful. That is where we’re going.

As far as continuing on, acting on what’s new and building and characters, you always have to build new characters. Constantly.”

On if Triple H will take an elevated role on the RAW & SmackDown creative teams:

“As far as Paul Levesque helping out on RAW and SmackDown, that happens. It’s ‘all hands on deck’ in terms of all that we do.”

On Paul Heyman’s firing from RAW Executive Director position:

(Vince didn’t answer this directly) “As far as Paul Heyman’s concerned, he did a very good job in terms of creativity.”

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