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Vince McMahon Has Banned Another Word In WWE

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• Vince McMahon Has Banned Another Word In WWE

It looks like ‘Attack’ is another word that Vince McMahon has banned from being used on WWE programming.

When Seth Rollins attacked Cody Rhodes on RAW, RAW Commentator Jimmy Smith said Rollins attacked Rhodes, then apologized and corrected himself, and said Rollins assaulted Rhodes.

According to the Wrestling Observer, this ban is due to the Russia – Ukraine situation:

“The other night, I don’t know if it was on SmackDown or it was on RAW, but they did one of their post-match angles. I think it was Seth Rollins attacking Cody.

[Jimmy Smith] goes ‘Seth Rollins has attacked Cody. I’m sorry, assaulted.’ And they just kept going. I was like, that was f**king weird. And I went back and listened to it again. And sure as sh*t he goes, ‘Seth Rollins has attacked Cody. I’m sorry, assaulted Cody.’

And then he just moves on and I thought is this f**king word banned? And so I asked someone there and unofficially they also believe that you can no longer say the word ‘attack’.

They basically said like, ‘Russia attacked Ukraine so we don’t want to use the word attacked. Now you have to say assaulted.’ I was like, what?!

It was so weird that he said the wrong word and then apologized. So anyway, I don’t think you can say ‘attacked’ in WWE right now.”

Below is the updated list of terms banned on WWE TV by Vince McMahon:

– blood

– choke

– belt

– strap

– diva

– head shot

– trauma

– kayfabe

– mofos

– house show

– DQ

– the Anti-Diva

– spinal injuries

– victim

– violence

– violent

– wrestling

– wrestlers


– wifebeater

– curb stomp

– push

– being over

– babyface

– heel

– job

– jobber

– card

– strangle

– kill

– murder

– non-title

– attack

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