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Vince McMahon Has Slept With Male WWE Stars, Claims UFC Veteran

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In a recent appearance on the “FLAGRANT” podcast, UFC Veteran Chael Sonnen made explosive accusations against former WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, alleging that McMahon engaged in $exual relationships with male WWE stars in exchange for giving them on-screen pushes.

Sonnen claimed that it was an open secret within WWE that McMahon had slept with both male and female wrestlers. He further discussed these allegations during an appearance on “The Jim Rome Show,” where he suggested that McMahon would hinder the careers of those who refused his advances. Sonnen briefly mentioned Shawn Michaels as part of this controversial discussion.

According to Sonnen, these $exual allegations were well-known within WWE, and he claimed that other WWE executives also demanded $exual favors from wrestlers in exchange for prominent positions on the wrestling card. He specifically referenced former WWF/E executive Pat Patterson, who had been previously accused of $exually harassing underage ring boys.

Here’s what Sonnen said:

“I never met Vince, and I know 11 people that he slept with — eight of them women, all consenting adults, so which is the implication to [the others being men].

I was talking trash but I wasn’t joking on ‘The Jim Rome Show’. Anyway, I mean, when Vince got me-too’d out of the business I did think it was a surprise. But as good as he is, I would not completely count out that he couldn’t come back. But when the men start coming out, it will be a different story.

He would hold their careers over him, just like he would the women. It was the same thing. You get paid more, you get pushed more. This is not a secret in the industry. Like, I’m not talking trash. This was very well known. But, I mean, Shawn Michaels, like guys that you would know there was … (when asked if McMahon and Michaels slept together, he replied) or whatever it is that they [were doing].

There is a lot of homo$exuals that Vince came across but there were also straight guys that just wanted a push in the business, where it, like, turned into prostitution. That was very well known … And not just Vince, Pat Patterson, and some other executives (did too). Everybody would know, ‘[McMahon would think] This girl turned me down, she’s pulled off TV.'”

Sonnen also suggested that McMahon’s children, Shane and Stephanie, were aware of these allegations, implying that the entire McMahon family knew about these behind-the-scenes activities.

Additionally, Sonnen recounted a story from the late WWF Legend Scott Hall. Hall had shared an anecdote about McMahon openly discussing his first homo$exual experience. Sonnen stated, “Vince spoke about [his homo$exual experience] a number of times, and people have always thought that he was joking. He was never trying to joke. He was just telling the story.”

Hall’s story was corroborated by Kevin Nash, who was present during the conversation.

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