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Vince McMahon May Have Tried To Stop Nancy Argentino From Getting Legal Help In The Jimmy Snuka Case

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Old School WWF Wrestler “Max Moon” Paul Diamond (Real name: Thomas Boric) celebrates his 59th birthday today.

In 1991 & 1992, Diamond was also known as Kato (under a mask), one half of ‘The Orient Express’, before he took over the Max Moon character that was originally adapted for Konnan (who only wrestled as Max Moon once and then quit).

He also tagged with his long time friend and Tag Team partner Pat Tanaka in various other promotions such as the American Wrestling Association, Continental Wrestling Association, Eastern Championship Wrestling and even had a short run together in Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling.


• Vince McMahon May Have Tried To Stop Nancy Argentino From Getting Legal Help In The Jimmy Snuka Case

The death of Nancy Argentino in 1983 is one of the most controversial topics in wrestling history. WWF star Jimmy Snuka was present at the motel, where Nancy died due to traumatic brain injury.

Vice’s “Dark Side Of The Ring” showed a new side of this story, which doesn’t show Vince McMahon in a good way.

A new report from Mel Magazine uncovered a report Nancy filed against Snuka in 1983, for which he was arrested. McMahon tried to silence Nancy about the incident.

Nancy had decided to press charges against Snuka the night of the incident, but she changed her mind the next morning.

A new discovery from Whitehall Township Pennsylvania Police Department revealed that McMahon was involved in the incident, even though he denies it. It was stated in the report that “Vince McMahon tried to talk her out of making the complaint against Snuka.”

However, one of the officers called Bronstad doesn’t remember hearing about McMahon’s involvement himself. Instead, he now recalls dealing with an “angry, shorter, older man wearing a hat” on the issue of Snuka’s bond.

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